Commendable Kids

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Our Purpose

At Commendable Kids, we believe that each child is a masterpiece in the making. Each has their own unique combinations of strengths and weaknesses, and, passions and fears, that make them who they are. They need to be loved, supported, taught and encouraged by those who can be patient with them, and see their failures as nothing more than a part of the process of learning, maturing and growing up. When they achieve, they should be applauded for their efforts, and encouraged to stay committed, persevere, and never give up.

To assist in these endeavors, Commendable Kids offers an online service coupled with offline products, to recognize, support and track a child's efforts, achievements, and experiences. These are gathered into one online portfolio that tells the unique story of the child's journey toward reaching their full potential and fulfilling their dreams.

Compiled in one place, their story can be shared with friends, family, schools, organizations and anyone you choose to share it with. Through sharing their story, and recognizing their achievements, the child can be encouraged by those supporting them, and can be motivated to press on even in the face of failure and times of self-doubt.

We can't expect any more commitment from a child than we, their loved ones, choose to make in supporting them. We hope our service will help you show that commitment and support, and keep them focused toward becoming truly Commendable Kids.